Temburun Waterfall in Siantan Island, Anambas Regency - Indonesia

It is, without a doubt, Siantan Island becomes the center of attraction in Anambas Regency, Indonesia. Not only it is the home of Terempa City (the capital of Anambas), but it also offers interesting natural attractions like Temburun Waterfall. This beautiful waterfall is located in Batu Belah Village and becomes a nice place to find peace and relaxation. Visitors also take advantage of the site to enjoy fun activities like photography and short trekking, in fact. No wonder, many tour agents recommend it to everyone who visits Anambas, especially Siantan Island.

The Nuance
There are many ways to describe the beauty of Temburun Waterfall. For example, it has the height of about 250 meters. The flow of the water is swift and strong, as well. Still, the most noticeable characteristic is that Temburun has 7 levels of falls! On the 7th level, tourists can see great scenery, including hills, trees, etc. Even neighboring islands are seen clearly from up there!  Instead of being surrounded by cliffs, the waterfall features an open landscape with stunning views of nature. In terms of nuance, it is both peaceful and soothing due to the fact that the waterfall resides in a secluded area.

Exploring Temburun Waterfall
The first thing to do once arriving at Temburun Waterfall is to learn the background or history of the site. According to the locals, no significant story is available regarding the waterfall. However, it was formed naturally and has gained better popularity over time. What is next? Visitors should try to reach the top of the waterfall! As mentioned before, it consists of 7 levels so tourists can conquer them gradually. Have no worries. The landscape is safe and easy, so everyone can reach the top without hassles.

Once arriving at the waterfall, the views of sea scenery and islands look so amazing! In the estuary, tourists can also find a mangrove ecosystem consisting of mud substrate and Rhizophora. On this site, visitors can take the time and enjoy photography to their heart’s content. What they need are only a good stamina and a good camera! Also, wearing a good footwear may help them to get to the top of the waterfall easily.

The last thing to do in Temburun Waterfall (before going home) is taking a bath in the pond. It is located under the waterfall, featuring rejuvenating water and cool sensation. It is safe for both children and adults to swim in it, as long as they do not act carelessly in the water. For parents with kids, make sure to supervise them well during swimming.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Bajau Island
  • Tarempa City
  • Anambas Tourist Site
  • Siantan’s God Vihara

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Temburun Waterfall from Tarempa City. It takes about 30 minutes by boat, in fact. For those coming by motorcycle, though, the trip takes about 1 hour. Also, the trip features several checkpoints including Kampung Baru, Tengkorak Hill, Kampung Tengah, and Rintis Village. Once arriving at Batu Belah Village, it involves a short trekking to get to the waterfall too.

Where to Stay

  • Sakura Hotel
  • Anambas Resort
  • Konyok Inn
  • Terempak Beach Hotel

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