Jemaja Island in Anambas Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Anambas Regency becomes a good option when it comes to island hopping and nature adventure. Many islands are available for tourist to visit, including Jemaja! It resides in the bottom of the South China Sea, offering breathtaking marine scenery and flawless beaches. Jemaja is also known as the checkpoint for those who want to reach Siantan Island or Tarempa City (especially from Jakarta and Bintan). Also, due to the unspoiled nature, the island becomes a nice place to enjoy several fun activities like relaxation, snorkeling, beach walking, sunbathing, photography, and fishing.

The Nuance
The most impressive feature of Jemaja Island is indeed the group of beaches. They look serene, featuring both white sand and Tosca seawater. The best thing is that those beaches are quite shallow and clear, attracting those who want to enjoy either swimming or snorkeling. In fact, due to the clarity of the water, tourists can see fishes and corals well from the land! Aside from fishes, some rare sea turtles come to Jemaja occasionally. What is more? Jemaja is not all about beaches as other interesting attractions reside, including traditional dances and Gasing (top) game.

Exploring Jemaja Island
The first allure of Jemaja Island is definitely the beaches. As for the reference, there is Padang Melang Beach. It is a nice place to enjoy relaxation and drink fresh coconuts with either friends or families. Not to mention it becomes the signature tourist attraction of the island! That means visitors would regret not visiting the beach when they spend the holidays in Jemaja. Even many tour agents would recommend it to everyone. The good thing is that the distance between Letung City (the capital of Jemaja) and the beach is not quite far.

Aside from beaches, Jemaja Island is also known for its peaceful villages. One of them is called Bukit Padi Village, where tourists can witness vast farms and unspoiled panorama. On top of that, they have the opportunity to witness a group of cattle on the open field. During the visit, therefore, tourists can get close to the modest life of the villagers and local animals. Make sure to take pictures with them later. Also, do not forget to enjoy their good foods and watch interesting local traditions there.

What is more? Tourists are also impressed by the port of the island. No wonder, they often hang out on the site in order to watch boats and busy activities of the fishermen. As an alternative, fishing becomes an interesting activity as well. Later, in the afternoon, they can witness stunning sunset that emits romantic and soothing ambiance.

Nearby Attractions

  • Padang Malang Beach
  • Dewata Beach
  • Telaga Island

How to Get There
From Jakarta of Indonesia, travelers need to take an airplane and head to the checkpoint (Tanjung Pinang City of Bintan). Next, they can simply head to Jemaja Island by a ferry. This may take about 8 hours, so make sure to come with good stamina and proper equipment or supplies!

Where to Stay

  • Sri Lakang Inn
  • Miranti Guesthouse
  • Seven island Hotel
  • Anugrah Guesthouse

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