Traditional Cual Fabric of Anambas Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

During a visit to Anambas Regency, tourists should not forget to buy the famous local fabric called Cual. Well, it has become one of the allures of the region after all. This beautiful fabric also becomes a signature souvenir among visitors. Not to mention it owns both aesthetic and unique value. Thus, tourists would regret if they do not get one when spending holidays in Anambas! Have no worries. The fabric comes with many options for colors and complexions, so buyers can pick one based on their presence. On top of that, the price is quite affordable.

About Cual Fabric
In terms of name, Cual derives from “Belacu Dijual” and it has a relation to other traditional fabrics including Palembang’s Samba and Songket. As mentioned before, Cual Fabric comes in various colors and designs. Still, there are favorite colors, which are orange, purple, blue, and pink. That means bright and eye-catching colors are more popular among buyers as compared to the dark-toned ones. In terms of texture, it is indeed soft which feels so comfortable on the skin. It is without a doubt, women would love to buy and wear them!

More Facts Regarding Cual Fabric
Before getting around Anambas and buy Cual Fabric, it is better to learn the history of such valuable souvenir. According to the locals, the one who taught how to weave Cual was Halimah. It was in 1863 when she first introduced such technique to Teluk Encau Village of East Siantan Sub-District. She decided to stay in Anambas due to the shipwreck when heading to West Kalimantan, actually. Instead of being sad, she taught local girls and women to weave such beautiful fabric.

The most impressive features of Cual Fabric are its beautiful design and soft texture. Not to mention it comes with an excellent complexion! In terms of utility, the locals often wear the fabric as personal attire. Still, it suits any special occasions like weddings as well. As for tourists, they can either to learn how to weave the fabric or simply buy it from local sellers. They would be lucky if the villagers are willing to teach them the technique freely. In this case, a good communication skill is indeed helpful.

One of the reasons why Cual Fabric is quite valuable is definitely its materials. The fabric consists of cotton, golden yarn, and “belacu yarn”. The locals get these from Sambas, actually. That means tourists are not likely to find fake cual fabric there. On the other hand, they should not easily trust sellers who offer the fabric outside Anambas.

Other Cultural Attractions

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  • Cecah Inai Dance
  • Gubang Dance

How to Get There
For those coming from Letung City, they must take a boat on Perintis Port and head to Siantan Island. The destination is Tarempa Port and the distance is 124 km. That means the voyage may take about 7-8 hours to get to Siantan. Next, tourists only need to visit nearby villages or local souvenir stores to get the fabric.

Where to Stay

  • Sakura Hotel
  • Anambas Resort
  • Konyok Inn
  • Terempak Beach Hotel

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