Lingai Island in Anambas Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Anambas Archipelago is recognized for its natural beauty and it has been acknowledged by both local and foreign travelers. It is, without a doubt, many stunning islands are available to visit including Lingai. This potential island has become a new vacation destination for those who love nature and want to get a new experience. Moreover, the government has been considering turning the island into a tourist village. Due to this reason, visitors can enjoy numerous fun activities like sightseeing, water sports, and witnessing locals’ daily routines.

The Nuance
The most noticeable characteristic of Lingai Island is the big and strong waves. Plus, the wind blows well on the beach, hitting the leaves of the trees really hard. No wonder, it makes a soothing sound regardless of the time. When it comes to the beach, the sand has creamy color and it comes with soft texture as well. In the back, many types of trees grow abundantly including pines and coconut trees. The good thing is that the island features high-quality resort for those who want to spend a honeymoon or family vacation.

Exploring Lingai Island
Due to the big waves, Lingai Island becomes a good destination to enjoy surfing. However, it is not suitable for beginners or those who are lacking experience. Not only it is because of the wild waves, they won’t find any watchers or keepers on the site. That means no one would help them when accidents happen, which is quite risky for those who can’t surf or swim well. As for safe activities, tourists can visit nearby seafood eateries and enjoy good foods there. This would be merrier if they come with families or friends, actually.

In terms of facilities, Lingai Island owns several inns and good resorts. Not to mention some gazebos reside near to the beach, which is useful for relaxation and resting. Have no worries. The island also features reliable transportation services, especially passenger boats. Tourists can use these boats either for many purposes, in fact. These include fishing, island hopping, and exploring the coast. They do not need to worry about the price, as bargaining is quite possible!

It is true that surfing, culinary, and sightseeing become the prime allures of Lingai Island. The one that makes it different than other islands of Anambas Archipelago is the presence of big waves. It is because other islands come with calmer waves, which are suitable for snorkeling. On the other hand, tourists aren’t likely to enjoy snorkeling in Lingai. Instead, they can enjoy surfing (especially for pro surfers). Once again, no keepers are available so tourists must be careful when surfing. Not to mention they need to prepare the equipment beforehand, as no rental services are available.

Nearby Attractions

  • Siantan Island
  • Bajau Island
  • Matak Island

How to Get There
There are many ways to get to Lingai Island. From Bintan Island, for example, tourists can ride a boat to get to Lingai. This voyage takes about 18 hours, actually. For those who come from Tarempa City or Siantan Island, though, it takes only 30 minutes by a speedboat.

Where to Stay
Recommended hotels are available in Siantan Island (Tarempa City).

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