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It is true Anambas Regency consists of beautiful islands (both big and small ones) for tourists to explore. Island hopping is indeed popular there, but that is not the only popular thing to do in Anambas. For those who love nature adventure, they must visit Penjalin Island in Palmatak Sub-District. Like other islands in Anambas, this one offers breathtaking scenery and comfy atmosphere for relaxation. Many beautiful objects are also seen, so tourists can enjoy photography to their heart’s content there. Also, they have the chance to taste delicious seafood by the beach while enjoying stunning panorama ahead!

The Nuance
Penjalin Island features numerous types of natural attractions, including hills and beaches. On the shoreline, tourists may find Tosca crystal clear water and soft-textured white sand of the beach! Some boats are also seen on this spot, which completes the nuance. On top of that, the coast is shallow and it is suitable for water sports like swimming. The next feature is the formation of granites, scattered in different spots of the island. In terms of territory, Penjalin is located near to the border of neighboring countries like Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Exploring Penjalin Island
Penjalin Island is part of Anambas Archipelago and it becomes one of the best choices for island hopping. According to the locals, the island is good for snorkeling and other types of water sports. Thanks to the stunning underwater scenery. Tourists can even see majestic corals down there, including the reef flat with the length of around 100 meters. This explains why divers should carry an underwater camera when exploring the sea. After all, those beautiful objects become a perfect object for photography.

After exploring the sea and taking underwater pictures, tourists should not miss the chance to collect more pictures of the land. For instance, they can walk on the white sandy beach and capture some beautiful objects there. Other stunning objects are shady trees that surround the island. They look both peaceful and magnificent! Due to their presence, the atmosphere becomes so refreshing and comfortable for tourists to explore. Not to mention the wind blows and hits the leaves softly. It also makes a soothing sound that helps everyone to relax.

Before going home, tourists should not forget to try delicious local seafood! The grilled fishes combine well with local seasoning, chilies, and soy sauce! These foods are indeed mouthwatering and they may fill your belly and stamina before conducting further adventure later.

Nearby Attractions

  • Matak Island
  • Tanjung Momong Beach
  • Penjalin Kecil Island

How to Get There
From Tarempa City (the capital of Anambas), travelers can simply take a boat to Penjalin Island. The boat service is available in Tarempa Port, after all. If they choose a speedboat, the trip would take only about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Make sure to bargain in order to get a good price, though. Also, consider the capacity of the boat before heading to Penjalin.

Where to Stay
No hotels are available in Penjalin Island. Instead, tourists can get one in neighboring Matak Island

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