Gan Bang Tong Ancient Tomb in Siantan Island, Anambas Regency - Indonesia

Not all travelers are aware of the charm Anambas Archipelago when it comes to religious tourism. Well, it is because they do not now that Anambas has an interesting place called Gan Bang Tong Ancient Tomb. It is located near to Kampung Baru and belongs to Siantan Island. Who is Gan Bang Tong? According to the locals, he was a rich merchant who ever lived in Tarempa City. Not to mention he was the founder of “Siantan Kongsi” during the Dutch’s colonialism. Due to his capability in business, the locals were inspired and considered him a brilliant person. Today, even his tomb has become a new attraction for tourists.

The Nuance
Gan Bang Tong was a Chinese. No wonder, his tomb represents the Tionhoa’s characteristics. For instance, Chinese characters beautify the headstone of the tomb. It is also written when he died, which was in 1909. What makes his tomb different than other Chinese tombs located in Siantan, though? In terms of size, this one is considered the biggest and most magnificent. Not to mention it resides in a wide area. Plus, it is located in the back of the cliff and has a unique shape.

Exploring Gan Bang Tong Ancient Tomb
Once arriving at the ancient tomb of Gan Bang Tong, tourists would be astonished by the structure of the tomb itself. It features engraved concrete fences, which look so majestic! On the upper side of the tomb, there is a curved ornament made of cement (having the function as the cover of the graveyard. It has the height of about 0.5 meters, actually. Here is the unique thing. A tomb of his wife resides next to it, which has similar features and shape!

In front of the tomb, tourists may find an empty space having the width of about 4x3 meters. It features beautiful marble floors as well. Despite the age, remains well due to a good maintain done by the keepers. So, the question here is the question, what tourists might do in this place. According to locals, most visitors want to explore the tomb and learn its history. Some of them also take advantage of the site to conduct photography due to its unique shape and grandiose size.

The fact is that everyone is allowed to visit Gan Bang Tong ancient tomb freely. Still, some rules apply to them! These include wearing neat clothes, taking care of the environment, and not causing havoc or disturbance on the site!

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How to Get There
For those coming from Letung City (Jemaja Island), they need to get to Perintis Port first. The purpose is to get a reliable boat to get to Siantan Island (Tarempa Port). The distance is 124 km, so it takes about 8 hours to get to Siantan. From Tarempa Port, the next destination is Kampung Baru where the tomb resides. This takes about an hour, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Sakura Hotel
  • Anambas Resort
  • Konyok Inn
  • Terempak Beach Hotel

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