Pahat Island in Anambas Regency, Riau Archipelago Province - Indonesia

When it is about Anambas Regency, most travelers might think about beautiful islands for them to explore during holidays. One of the best choices is none other than Pahat Island, which offers both stunning natural scenery and a place to witness sea turtle cultivation or breeding. Here is the reason. The locals and management take a good care of those marine creatures due to the threats of extinction. Aside from such unique attraction, tourists can do other fun activities on the island including fishing, snorkeling, and photography.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, regarding the features of the island, Pahat is known for its serene coasts. The sand of the beach is bother white and soft! No wonder, sea turtles often come ashore and make a nest on it and lay their eggs inside. What are the species? Well, the most common one is Hawksbill sea turtles, which is considered endangered and rare. The fact is that the coasts of Pahat Island have become a proper habitat for those creatures. Another interesting feature of the island is definitely the shady coconut trees, growing near to the coastline. They complete the beauty of this island, for sure.

Exploring Pahat Island
The most common reason to visit Pahat Island is none other than to watch the cultivation procedure. In fact, during the right time, tourists can witness the hatchery and the release of small sea turtles to the sea. During these moments, they should take the time and capture some pictures using a camera. Moreover, it is allowed to record a video on the site! This kind of experience is indeed memorable for tourists, especially nature lovers.

Once enjoying such activity, tourists should do other fun activities on Pahat Island. For instance, they can visit the beach and enjoy water sports. These include swimming and snorkeling for sure. The only consideration is that they must prepare the snorkeling gear and other equipment beforehand. It is because they won’t find any facilities that rent out those gears to tourists on the island. As an alternative, swimming is a good idea. It doesn’t require any gear, but it indeed takes some skills to swim in the sea, no?

After exploring the underwater beauty (including fishes and corals), the next recommended activity is definitely fishing. Many good spots are available to enjoy such calming activity, in fact. These include the side of the coastline and on the sea while riding a boat. Once again, make sure to carry a fishing rod when visiting the island. Do not forget to carry cash to rent the boat, as well.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Siantan Island

How to Get There
In order to get to Pahat Island, tourists should use a local boat called Pompong from Tarempa Port in Siantan Island. It takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the weather, though. Have no worries. Tourists can take pictures of sea scenery during the trip to Pahat!

Where to Stay
Recommended hotels are available in Siantan Island (Tarempa City)

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