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Tarempa City is the capital of Anambas Regency and it is located in the most famous island of such archipelago, called Siantan. Being the center of attraction of Anambas, lots of tourists keep coming to the city either to enjoy holidays or to drop by before heading to other islands. Despite the popularity, Tarempa doesn’t feature sophisticated facilities and accommodations. It is because the location is quite secluded and it depends much on the supplies from other regions. Still, it attracts tourists who look for a serene nuance and want to get away from busy life in big cities.

The Nuance
The number of people who live in Tarempa City is not as many as big cities like Pekanbaru or Aceh. In fact, some parts of the city consist of wild forest. As for the locals, most of them work as a fisherman. This explains why tourists can find many fishermen’s boats on the coast. Plus, many locals live near to the sea and build a house by the coast. In terms of natural attractions, Tarempa is famous for its stunning sea and clear water. The fishes are also beautiful! Another important feature is the formation of seafood eateries scattered in different parts of the city, especially near to the coast.

Exploring Tarempa City
Most tourists come to Tarempa City to reach nearby beaches and swim in the sea. No wonder, the seawater is both clear and refreshing, looking like a natural aquarium! For a more interesting experience, they must have prepared snorkeling gear beforehand. Exploring underwater scenery would satisfy everyone, after all. Not to mention the visibility of the sea is quite good, helping snorkelers to witness marine creatures and corals better.

Once enjoying snorkeling, tourists should replenish their stamina and enjoy good foods at nearby eateries. The best menu is none other than seafood like crabs, squids, mackerel, etc. Aside from these foods, other options are available including Atom chips and local coffee. What is next? Once enjoying those foods and beverage, tourists should take the time to explore the forest. The route is steep and challenging, but it gives satisfaction to nature lovers. Make sure to wear comfy footwear during trekking, though.

The last adventure can be done in the local fisherman village, located near to the port. These people built the house near to the sea, so they can easily access their boat for fishing. Here is the good thing. Tourists can rent the boat and ask the villager to help them to get around the island comfortably. The price is not even expensive! Bargaining is also possible, so everyone can get a better price.

Nearby Attractions

  • Matak Island
  • Bajau Island
  • Temburun Tarempa Waterfall
  • Anambas Tourist Site
  • Siantan’s God Vihara

How to Get There
From Letung City (Perintis Port), travelers can take a boat and head to Siantan Island directly. Their destination is indeed Tarempa Port, having the distance of 124 km. This may take around 7 hours and 30 minutes actually.

Where to Stay

  • Sakura Hotel
  • Anambas Resort
  • Konyok Inn
  • Terempak Beach Hotel

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