Telaga Island in Anambas Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Here is the next option of a beautiful island in Anambas Islands. The name is Telaga Island and it is located between Siantan and Jemaja Island. No wonder, tourists are likely to drop by on this island to enjoy its nuance and conduct some fun activities there. Still, the island is known for serenity. That means most tourists come to the island to find peace and enjoy relaxation. They consider it as a good place to relieve their stresses due to daily busy routines, as well. Somehow, fishing also becomes a popular tourist activity here.

The Nuance
There are many ways to describe Telaga Island. It starts from the beach, which features calm and stunning sea. The waves are small, so it offers a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling. The color of the seawater is green Tosca, representing the depth of the sea. Next, it is the coastline. A pier resides there, where tourists can use for fishing. As for the sand, the color is light brown (unlike other islands that feature white sand). Despite the difference, it looks exotic indeed. Here is the most noticeable feature of the island. In the middle of it, a big mountain resides and it looks grandiose!

Exploring Telaga Island
Being one of the outermost islands of Indonesia, Telaga Island is indeed worth a visit. On top of offering stunning views of nature, the island has an unspoiled environment. No wonder, it becomes a nice choice for relaxation and gets closer to nature. That also means that visitors can satisfy their photography hobby and explore all parts of the island wholeheartedly. Have no worries. With the help of a tour guide, it easy to get around without hassles. Moreover, the locals are ready to help as well.

Aside from nature, Telaga Island has other interesting attractions for sure. For instance, tourists can meet the locals and witness their simple life. Not to mention these people depend mostly on the sea to sustain their economy. That means most of them work as a fisherman and owns a boat as well. As for tourists, they even have an opportunity to join them fishing on the sea. Even though it is a rare occasion, some villagers are friendly enough to accept such kind of request (even freely).

Telaga Island has two villages, which are Telaga Kecil and Telaga Besar. However, the number of villagers is not as many as others especially the ones located on Siantan Island. Another recognizable feature of the island is the presence of a big mountain, which is considered the highest as compared to neighboring islands. Somehow, it becomes a good background for photography so everyone should carry a camera when visiting the island.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jemaja Island
  • Siantan Island

How to Get There
From Tarempa City, the prime checkpoint is indeed Tarempa Port. It is where tourists can get a boat to reach Telaga Island. From there, they need to drop by in Kuala Maras Port located in Jemaja Island before getting to Telaga. Also, make sure to use a good boat in order to get to the destination fast and more comfortably.

Where to Stay
Recommended hotels are located in Siantan Island

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