Padang Melang Beach in Jemaja Island, Anambas Regency - Indonesia

Jemaja Island is part of Anambas Archipelago and it is the home of famous beach called Padang Melang. In fact, this beach is the best allure of the island when it comes to a family recreation. Here is a unique fact. The coastline passes through both Letung and Bukit Padi Village. No wonder, it has an easy access so everyone can get to the beach easily. As for the best time to visit the beach, most visitors come on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is because they want to spend memorable weekends either with their families or friends. Have no worries. There is no entry fee at all.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Padang Melang Beach is both serene and stunning. As mentioned before, the coastline passes through two villages and it has the length of about 7 km. The soft-textured sand completes its beauty, as well! In the back, tourists can find dense coconut and pine trees which offer a shady nuance to the site. What is more? Near to these trees, several gazebos and local structures reside neatly. Plus, visitors can enjoy mountain views from the beach as well. As for the sea, the waves are moderate. That means swimming is definitely possible.

Exploring Padang Melang Beach
The most noticeable feature of Padang Melang Beach is definitely the white sand. This explains why beach walking becomes tourists’ popular activity there. The soft texture of the sand makes such activity comfortable, for sure. Even there is no need to wear footwear to do so! The next popular activity is none other than swimming. Thanks to the clear and warm seawater. Everyone can enjoy swimming regardless of the time (even at noon).

Padang Malang Beach is also known for its occasional festivals done by the government. Usually, these occur during long national holidays and the locals gather in the beach to enjoy numerous attractions like fireworks and join several competitions! Have no worries. Tourists are allowed to join the competitions as long as they come at the right time. These events occur on the first day of the month (during holidays) and end at the full moon or in the midst of the month.

The festival lasts for about 3 days, so tourists should have booked a room to stay near to the beach beforehand. During the festival, they can even join the competitions after the registration. Later, at the peak of the event, visitors should take pictures of the stunning fireworks. The best place to view such attraction is indeed the nearby gazebo. Despite the crowd, it is going to be fun and memorable for sure!

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How to Get There
Tourists can choose different routes to get to Padang Melang Beach. For those coming from Tanjung Pinang, for example, they can take a ferry and head to Letung Port in Jemaja Island. This takes about 7 hours, actually. Once arriving at the port, they only need to take a motorcycle to reach the beach. This takes approximately 30 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Sri Lakang Inn
  • Miranti Inn
  • Seven Island Hotel
  • Anugrah Inn

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