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In East Jemaja Sub-District, there is a unique island called Ayam and it belongs to Anambas Archipelago. “Ayam” means a chicken, actually. The locals gave the name because the island has a unique shape, which represents the head of a chicken. Some people, perhaps, think that the island becomes the home of tons of chicken. Still, it is not true. Instead, tourists can find beautiful beaches and lush environment for relaxation. The island is also suitable for enjoying photography, especially due to its unique shape.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, one of the cliffs of Ayam Island has the shape which is similar to the head of a chicken. It was formed naturally, though. Moreover, no one knows the story behind such phenomenon. In terms of nuance, the island is surrounded by crystal clear seawater so it is suitable for snorkeling and swimming. Many beautiful corals also reside down there, which become the home of tons of mesmerizing marine creatures. As for the beaches, they feature sloping landscape and sparkling white sand. Not to mention many shady coconut trees grow on the site, creating a soothing ambiance to the beach.

Exploring Ayam Island
Despite lacking good facilities and accommodations, Ayam Island offers a perfect environment for relaxation and adventure. In fact, tourists can enjoy a family vacation and spend a good time with their loved ones. It is as simple as sitting under coconut trees and witness natural scenery peacefully. Aside from these, they should get around the island and take great pictures of nature. These include the unique cliff that has the shape of the head of a chicken. It is the prime allure of the island, after all.

Surrounded by beautiful and calm sea, the island is suitable for water sports as well. For example, visitors should enjoy snorkeling or swimming. The formation of corals looks so great down there! Make sure to take some pictures of them, too. What about those who can’t swim? Well, they can rent a “pompon” (traditional boat) and get around the island peacefully. Have no worries. The owner of the boat may accompany them during the exploration, so it is going to be safe and fun. Do not forget to provide some money for the fee, though.

Another interesting activity to do in Ayam Island is camping. The fact is that some spots are suitable to build a tent and spend the night with friends. Even tourists are allowed to make a bonfire at night and conduct BBQ party. One thing, they are not allowed to litter. Taking care of the environment is everyone’s job, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to get to Ayam Island, tourists need to take a boat from either Tarempa or Telung Port. The trip takes several hours, but it can be faster if they take advantage of a speedboat to reach the island. The price would be more expensive, though.

Where to Stay

  • Sri Lakang Inn
  • Miranti Inn
  • Seven Island Hotel
  • Anugrah Inn

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