Matak Island in Anambas Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Located in the north of Siantan Island, Matak indeed becomes a recommended destination for those who visit Anambas Regency. The island is also the part of the prime access to get to Natuna Region. Despite the presence of an airport, it doesn’t accommodate commercial flights (especially for those who come from Jakarta City). In this case, tourists can visit Siantan Island first and get to Matak afterward by boat. Have no worries. It doesn’t take much time as those islands are located near to each other.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Matak Island perhaps is similar to Siantan. It features a harbor, which becomes the prime access to get to the island. No wonder, many boats and even ferries are seen on the coastline. Aside from such facility, tourists can take advantage of its beautiful nature including the beaches and unspoiled lagoons. Lush trees also cover most part of the island, emitting a comfortable and serene ambiance (which is good for relaxation). As for the settlement, some villages reside on the island and they provide fine facilities to tourists including eateries and places to stay.

Exploring Matak Island
Once arriving at Matak Island, the most important thing to do is to choose the basecamp. The most common choice is Tebang Ladang Village, where tourists can find a good inn to rest. Here is the fact. Almost all beaches of the island feature a village located near to it. Moreover, tourists won’t find any settlement in the highlands. That means most tourists would enjoy fun activities at the beaches instead of exploring the mountains or hills. Not to mention most villagers spend their time at the sea, especially fishing.

In the next morning, after resting, tourists can start the adventure right away. First, they must approach the villagers and get some information regarding the urban story and other interesting facts about the island. Have no worries. They are nice people and they often help tourists regardless of the necessities. Make sure to visit their local farms and try delicious fruits like limes, Balinese oranges, and ambarellas (kedondong). Also, do not forget to eat local delicacies especially seafood! These include clams, squids, and shrimps!

For those who never visit Matak Island, they must pay attention to several things. For instance, no sophisticated facilities and accommodations are available on the island. They can’t even find a service to rent snorkeling gears. Knowing the fact, visitors should ensure to prepare everything including the choices of places to stay, adventure equipment, etc. Don’t forget to carry some cash to pay the transportation service, foods, and accommodations as well.

Nearby Attractions

  • Siantan Island
  • Tarempa City
  • Mubur Island
  • Midai Island
  • Jemaja Island

How to Get There
From Jakarta International Airport, it takes both plane and ferries in order to get to Matak Island. The whole trip takes about 78 hours as the distance is 1407 km. Once arriving at Siantan Island (the prime checkpoint), tourists should take a boat and head to Matak right away. Have no worries. This takes only 30 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Murai Guesthouse
  • Bunda Alpi Inn
  • Mak Lang Homestay

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