Bunyi Waterfall in South Siantan Sub-District, Anambas Regency - Indonesia

Tons of travelers consider Siantan Island as the prime attraction of Anambas Regency. Well, there must be some reasons indeed. One of them is due to the presence of mesmerizing waterfalls like Bunyi. This unique waterfall is located in Air Bini Village and it belongs to South Siantan Sub-District. One thing that makes it unique is the levels of the flows. Aside from that, tourists love its environment and often make the site as their trekking ground. For those who love photography and adventure, this place becomes a good reference as well!

The Nuance
The flows of the water pass through the rocky landscape, creating unique scenery on the site. The best thing is that tourists can climb on those rocks and explore the site wholeheartedly. Not to mention there is a serene river located below the falls. The water is clear and cool (coming from the mountain), so it is suitable for swimming! In fact, no trash can be seen on the water. This explains why. The location becomes a perfect place for those who look for relaxation and a peaceful nuance during holidays.

Exploring Bunyi Waterfall
In terms of name, “Bunyi” means sounds. However, the locals have no information regarding the history of such name. Some of them, though, believe that the name comes from the sound of gurgling water of the falls. It sounds so peaceful and soothing, after all. Aside from finding out the history of the waterfall, people have different reasons to come to the site. For example, they want to enjoy short trekking by exploring the location. In fact, it involves a boat in order to pass through the swamp when reaching the site.

Once arriving at the site, tourists should pay the entrance fee. Have no worries. It is relatively cheap. Make sure to come during good weather, though. Otherwise, the keeper prohibits tourists to get in the site due to the slippery landscape. As for the most popular activities to do in Bunyi Waterfall, these are photography and exploration. Some people even take advantage of the river (located below the falls) for swimming and playing water. Once again, make sure not to do it during rainy season due to the risk.

For those who never visit Bunyi Waterfall, they need to learn some tips before heading to the location. For example, they must carry important items like extra clothes, slip-resistant footwear, dry bag, and bottled water. Hiring a tour guide is optional, but it would be a helpful service for first-timers. Do not forget to carry extra cash to pay such service, though.

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How to Get There
From Tarempa City, tourists can directly head Air Bini Village in South Siantan Sub-District. The trip may take around 40 minutes by local transportation service, actually. Once arriving at the village, they need to rent a boat and pass through a swamp to get to the waterfall. Have no worries. The scenery is astonishing there.

Where to Stay

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