Siantan Island in Anambas Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Spending a holiday in Anambas Regency of Indonesia should be everyone’s priority these days. Why is that? It becomes a good alternative to Hawaii when it comes to beauty and variety of islands to explore. The most famous one perhaps is Siantan Island, where the capital resides. Not to mention it is located in the center of the region and it is surrounded by other beautiful islands. No wonder, it is well-known among both local and foreign tourists. This also explains Siantan gets lots of visitors during weekends and holidays. Visitors can enjoy numerous types of fun activities there, after all.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Siantan Island is indeed big. It has a total width of about 105.98 km per square and it consists of 4 sub-districts. The closest neighboring island is Matak and they are separated by a strait with the length about 1-6 km per square. The next important fact is that the island is the most crowded as compared to others (in terms of population). Plus, it features a famous port called Tarempa Bay. Not to mention visitors can find beautiful natural attractions on the island, especially waterfalls and beaches.

Exploring Siantan Island
In terms of transportation, tourists can find many options in Siantan. For instance, they can rent a motorcycle, car, boats, or even speedboat to get around the island. During the exploration, many recommended sites are available for tourists to visit. These include Tarempa City, beaches, waterfalls, and a sacred tomb of Johor Kingdom’s commander. Make sure to visit all of them to get an amazing vacation experience. This tour package can be done either with or without the help of a tour guide, actually.

The next allure of Siantan Island is the culinary. Many good eateries are available for tourists to visit. The only consideration is the type of foods that tourists should try. For instance, there is Tarempa Noodle! It consists of yellow noodle, eggs, fish meat, sprouts, soy sauce, and chilies. Usually, the locals eat this food in the morning as a breakfast. It becomes a perfect partner to either a cup of warm coffee or tea, as well. Have no worries. Other types of foods are available to try including Dagang Rice, grilled squids, and various types of seafood.

The next recommended activity to do in Siantan Island is diving or snorkeling. In fact, Siantan has several options of diving spots (which has been acknowledged by foreigners). No wonder, the underwater scenery looks amazing down there! Plus, the government keeps improving its facilities and accommodations to satisfy everyone who comes to the island. Hopefully, it gets more visitors and better popularity in the future!

Nearby Attractions

  • Temburun Tarempa Waterfall
  • Air Bini Waterfall
  • Anambas Tourist Site
  • Siantan’s God Vihara
  • Matak Island
  • Bajau Island

How to Get There
For those coming from Letung City, they need to take a boat and head to Tarempa Port in Siantan Island. The distance is 138 km, so the trip takes approximately 7-8 hours depending on the weather.

Where to Stay

  • Sakura Hotel
  • Terempak Beach Hotel
  • Hangtuah Inn
  • Pagi Sore Inn
  • Tanjung Tebu Lodge

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