Tanjung Momong Beach in Anambas Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

A beautiful vacation consists of a wonderful tourist spot and good activities. For those visiting Siantan Island in Anambas should never miss the chance to visit a beautiful beach like Tanjung Momong. It is, in fact, the best beach that resides in Tarempa City and it becomes one of the top attractions of the region. Not only the beach is mesmerizing, but it also offers a good atmosphere for relaxation. The question is what tourists can do on this beach. According to the locals and those who have visited the site, Tanjung Momong is suitable for sightseeing, snorkeling, and beach walking.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Tanjung Momong Beach has impressive seawater which is both clear and warm. Due to such clarity and visibility of the water, tourists can see fishes easily even from the pier or land. This also helps them to enjoy snorkeling better, for sure. As for the coastline, it features beautiful soft-textured white sand. On that area, a small wooden pier resides artistically. It becomes the place where tourists enjoy sightseeing and fishing too. On the horizon, stunning hills are seen clearly! What a great place for enjoying natural views with a peaceful nuance.

Exploring Tanjung Momong Beach
People have different reasons when it comes to a vacation in Tanjung Momong Beach. For example, they simply enjoy the nuance and conduct sunbathing on the coast. As an alternative, they can enjoy the scenery while sitting under a shady tree. The breezy wind makes it more comfortable, for sure. For those who want more challenging activities, they can choose snorkeling instead. The water is comfy and the current is not so strong, so it is suitable for such kind of activity.

In order to avoid the heat of the sun, tourists should take advantage of available gazebos located near to the sea. These facilities are made of traditional materials, especially bamboos, so they look unique and beautiful. Usually, these places become crowded in the afternoon as the locals want to spend a serene dusk with their families. A special building also resides on the corner of the beach, which is actually a karaoke house. With some money, tourists can sing their favorite songs to their heart’s content!

In terms of foods, tourists can take advantage of available beach cafes provided by the management. That means they do not need to carry snacks or drinks when visiting the beach. What they need to do is to order some foods and enjoy these directly. They can even get the foods delivered to the gazebos, so they can enjoy good foods while witnessing sea scenery. What a great experience!

Nearby Attractions

  • Matak Island
  • Tanjung Momong Beach
  • Penjalin Kecil Island

How to Get There
From Letung City, travelers need to spend about 7 hours and 10 minutes to get to Siantan Island (Tarempa City). This can be done by boat from Perintis Port to Tarempa Port, actually. Also, the distance between these locations is 124 km. Once arriving at Tarempa City, they can simply ride any local transportation service and head to the beach right away.

Where to Stay
No hotels are available in Penjalin Island. Instead, tourists can get one in neighboring Matak Island

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