Kusik Beach in Jemaja Island, Anambas Regency - Indonesia

In Jemaja Island, some travelers perhaps have been aware of the presence of Padang Melang Beach. However, another good reference is available and the name is Kusik Beach located in Rawak Village. It has similar beauty to its sibling and becomes a good choice for snorkeling and family recreation. Like Padang Melang, there is no entry fee to get to the location. No wonder, it can be an economical vacation for both local and foreign tourists. People only need to consider the cost of transportation and accommodation. So, what is in Kusik Beach?

The Nuance
The unspoiled environment of Kusik Beach becomes the main allure for tourists. Plus, it offers a peaceful nuance due to the low number of visitors (even during weekends). The sand has the color of white and it comes with soft texture! In the back, coconut trees dominate the site and they look so splendid. When it comes to the sea, the water is shallow so it becomes a perfect place for playing water and swimming. Not to mention the waves are quite small! On top of that, several fishermen boats are seen on the coastline and they come in the same color which is blue.

Exploring Kusik Beach
Once arriving at the beach, tourists would be astonished by its beauty. Despite the moderate length of the coastline, it looks so mesmerizing. Not to mention the waves are calm and the seawater is clear (due to the shallowness of the coast). Aside from enjoying sea scenery, tourists can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the afternoon. The fact is that the beach faces north, so the sunset is visible in the east part of the horizon.

During weekends, some locals are seen on the beach as they want to enjoy good nuance of the site, as well. These people are friendly and they may approach tourists with smiles. In fact, some of them might invite tourists to enjoy beverages at their house! Due to this reason, it is important to learn how to talk the Indonesian Language before coming to the beach (especially for foreign tourists). As an alternative, hiring a local guide becomes a good idea.

What is next? Kusik Beach becomes a good choice when it comes to snorkeling. For those who have no information regarding the snorkeling spots, they can ask local fishermen to get to those spots efficiently. Here is the thing. No facilities provide the gears, so tourists must prepare it beforehand. At the end of the adventure, make sure to buy Limau Gadang (the most popular fruits in Jemaja Island).

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From the capital of Jemaja Island (Letung City), tourists can take any local transportation service and head to Rawak Village. The trip takes only 30 minutes! However, they need to walk for several minutes from the village to the beach. Have no worries. The landscape is easy and the views are great there.

Where to Stay

  • Sri Lakang Inn
  • Miranti Inn
  • Seven Island Hotel
  • Anugrah Inn

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